Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some New, Fun Thanksgiving Things!

Here are some fun new and old items for Thanksgiving! I just LOVE this time of year! There are so many fun things!! I have some more I'm in the process of drawing up and making... they'll be coming soon too! :)
Mr. Rambo Turkey! I LOVE him! He is so stinking cute!
Here is a closer look! Mr. Rambo is $35.00
Here is Mr. Rambo standing up! Super Cute too! He has more feathers and legs to stand on! :) $45.00This cute little turkey also is super cute hanging on your door! $25.00
Give Thanks is always fun and also a great reminder to tell those we love Thank You and also to be grateful for all that we have! :) $32.00
Harvest Block Letters $32.00

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cute Little Witch and a Few Fun Things!

Here is a Fun, Cute Little Witch a friend of mine showed me that she wanted me to make her! So this isn't one of mine, or the wood stores patterns. I'm not sure who's it is to give credit to! I changed it up a little bit, but she is so stinking cute! I love her! She is $40.00
Here is a fun new thing this year! BOO with eye balls! ha! ha! I Loved it! So I had to make some! Boo Door Hanger with the eyes is $18.00
Mr. Scarecrow is one of my oldies but goodies! I just love this little guy! He's also $18.00

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

U and Y Football Door Hangers!

Check out these Super Cute U and Y Football Door Hangers! They are only $20.00! I am selling them like wildfire! Which color do your veins bleed? ha! ha! You don't want to not have one of these in your home!! They would look great on your door or in a kids room or sports room! :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fall & Halloween

Witch Blocks $30.00
Fall Blocks $28.00

Halloween Blocks $30.00
Mr. Frankenstein $10.00
Witch Boot Door Hanger $25.00 Black Halloween Cat $20.00BOO Block Letters $18.00
Cute Little Mummy! He Never says a word! :) $10.00
Pumpkin Door Hanger $20.00. I am also making this with some big chunky leaves. Will post as soon as I get the new one done! Can be purchased with Sunflower or Chunky Leaves.
Zelma Witch $45.00
Spooky Door Hanger $35.00
Witch door hanger or Wall decoration $30.00
Standing Witch Boot $15.00
The Witch's Inn Vinyl Wood Block $8.00
Fun Witch hat to go on table or shelf. $15.00
Can make in any Halloween color.
Fun Halloween Spider $4.50
Jack-o-lantern $15.00
Standing Witch $12.00

Candy Corn Pillows $15.00 for Set of 2. Can do all different sizes. Prices may vary with Larger ones.
Candy Corn Door Hanger $20.00
Candy Corn $15.00
Standing Witch Brooms. $15.00. They are so cute sitting on a table or shelf!
Harvest Vinyl Block $18.00. Can do all different kinds of Vinyl Blocks for each season.
Fun Fall Blocks $12.00

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This is something new I've done! There are several ways you could have this painted! I loved the way this one turned out!! This could go on your door for Spring, Summer thur September!! This is one of my favorites!!



This is my Summer Watermelon! I love it! It's so fun!


Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July Stuff

Okay, so here are some of my fun 4th of July stuff!! Some of it is already on here.. but I have a new Uncle Sam that I drew up! He is one of my Favorites!!
Uncle Sam $35.00
Isn't he SO CUTE! I have only made 3 other of these.. and I drew him up myself.. so not too many people have him on their door! So he's one of a kind!! ha! ha! I LOVE HIM!!This is my Porch! I LOVE It! With Mr. Uncle Sam and my wood flag... I love Americana Stuff! This time of year makes me Happy! ha! ha! I love the feel that Patriotism brings!! God Bless the USA!! :)

Vintage 4th of July Flag $20.00
Fun Vintage 4th of July Star would look great on your door! $20.00Vintage USA words to put on your table or a shelf!! I LOVE These too! $20.00

We've had such a fun summer so far!! Lots of Swimming, baseball and fun Family things! I just love Summer! We go to Plain City Days every 4th of July... seeing how that's where I grew up!!! I was going to do a craft booth out there this year and just hadn't had the time to get all my stuff together and more stuff painted... anyway.. I was out there.. minding my own business... taking the kids around and I saw a craft booth... so of course I head that way to look at all the fun things... I about died!!! Everything in that booth was my stuff... but two items! I was cracking up! Some of it was stuff I even drew up!! So I guess it's a really good thing I didn't do a booth!! It would have been EXACTLY the same as the ladies who had the other one!! I know we as crafter's always get ideas from each other.. we usually try and change it up a little bit... but to have all but TWO items in there.. exactly the same that are on this blog and in my store... I was cracking up! Oh well! I was just really glad that I didn't so the booth! How crazy would that have been? Two craft booths... with EXACTLY the same items in them? ha! ha!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Finally Here... New Summer Stuff!!

Here are some fun Summer items just waiting for you to take them home! ha! ha! This bird has been such a huge hit, that I thought I'd keep it going!! LOVE IT!! I can do any color you'd like... just let me know what is your favorite! They are $20.00.
These Summer Blocks are so fun! What a great addition to your home... Give your home that "Fun in the Sun" feel this summer! I can also do any colors you'd like. These blocks are $30.00
Here is an item you can leave up ALL year long! Keep the letters H M E and then change the center (Where the O would be) with one that fits the season or month! It's so adorable! I can also do the word "Welcome" which would also change where the O is. Here are what the changeable's are for each month!
January: Mitten
February: Heart
March: Leprechaun hat
April: Easter Bunny Head
May: Flower
June: Lady Bug
July: Uncle Sam Hat
August: Sun
September: Acorn
October: Witch Hat
November: Turkey
December: Present
There is also a cupcake that comes with the first four, for Birthday's.
Each set of 4 is $20.00. Each Letter is $3.50 each.
These are some fun little Summer Blocks that fit perfect on shelf or table! I can also do any color! These blocks are $10.00
Last name with the year your Family was established... usually your wedding year.. is a fun idea for your home! I can also do tiles, photo frames or blocks... or if you have another request.. I can also do that too! Each block with Letter is $4.00. Price may vary on size. This is a 3" size.. I can do smaller or larger!

Cute butterfly for inside or out! Also looks cute in a little girls room! I did another one Pink where the Yellow is at and changed up the colors a little and it was also darling! I can paint it to match what ever colors you need! This Butterfly is $23.00
Add a little character to your door or home! What a Cute Star for the Holiday or even to fit your Americana Home Decor! $20.00

Loving the USA!!! Fits Holiday or Americana Home Decor! Made to look vintage.. these blocks are a great addition for any time of the year! $25.00

4th of July Flag Door Hanger $20.00

Fun Funky Flowers for your Garden or Flower bed add SO Much! $15.00. Can also make any color.
Fun Lady Bug Door Hanger. I also have this in my Daughters room. It goes with her Garden theme. I am also making a pink one.... One: because she's 3 and wants one... and 2: Because it would match and look VERY Cute!! They are $23.00
Watermelons always give the Summer Feel! Looks great on your door. It's bright and POPS out for all to see! $23.00

I also have a Super Cute "Bumble Bee" door hanger I will be posting soon!!!!