Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring and Easter Stuff

SUPER FUN new Summer Stuff coming Very Soon! You Won't be disappointed! :) ha! ha! Aren't these so cute? I just love these! They are a great addition to your home decor! Spring Letters $40.00
Here are some fun, cute birds I've done in Spring Colors! They would be darling on your front door, or even hanging in your house or girls room. They are $20.00.

Check out these Fun, Funky Flowers! They are great for your door, wall or girls room. They can be made in any color to match your room. $15.00

This fun Bunny Door Hanger looks so cute hanging on your door! Ms. Harriet is $35.00

This cute little bunny looks so cute on a shelf or end table. It also has two others that are bigger in size. This size shown is only $6.50

What a fun thing to have sitting on a shelf or hanging on your wall. You can change it every month to go with the holiday or season. Beadboard and 6 changing items is $40.00. The additional 6 are $25.00.

Fun, cute flower pots are adorable on your door or hanging on the wall. Looks really cute in little girls room. I can make them to what ever colors you'd like. Flower pots are $20.00

These fun little flowers go good anywhere. Large Size:$6.00 Small Size: $4.00

Mr & Mrs. Kermit are one of my favorite. Each is $25.00. You can get just one of them or as a set.

These cute little Bunny Dolls are fun for every little girl! They also look great on your shelf as a decoration. $18.00

Don't forget to check down below. There are several other fun crafts that are available and also More Spring and Easter stuff.

Home Letters That You Can Change "O"

Here are "HOME" letter with changeable Holiday Centers that replace the "O". I can also do "WELCOME" with the same centers. There is one for every month.

HME Letters $12.00 WELCME Letters $20.00

Each Set of Holiday Changeables are $25.00. Come in Set of 4, there is also a Birthday Cupcake.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter and Spring

Here are some really fun Spring and Summer Birds. They are $20.00. I also have some in "Our Home to Yours" in Clinton and "Simple Gifts Boutique" in Ogden. If you would like a Special Color, let me know. I have some other colors coming soon.


Spring Letters $30.00

Fun Flowers to spice up the house for Spring and Summer, yet also looks really cute in your litle girls room! I can take custom orders and make them the colors of your choice. $15.00

Fun Funky Flowers can be used for door hangers or again on your wall for the season and also looks adorable in your little girls room hanging on the wall or even sitting on the shelf. Can make custom colors to match any room. $20.00

A fun Board that can sit on a shelf, hang on a wall or sit on a bench. Has several different things to change for the different months. Also has a chick and a shamrock included. $35.00

Fun Yard Flowers $15.00

Cute Spring Flowers to help with your "Spring Fever". $15.00

Cute Egg Door Hanger $20.00

Fun Easter Bunny $23.00

Boy and Girl Bunnies $20.00

Girl Bunny $20.00 Great for your door or wall.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Hey everyone! I'm way behind on photos! I now have my stuff in "Our Home to Yours" in Clinton and I can't keep up! It seems all I do is Paint, Paint, Paint!!!! ha! ha! No, I'm not complaining.... well, my shoulders are! ha! ha!

I will have St. Patricks, Easter and Spring photos.... VERY SOON! :)

Fun Shamrock Door Hanger $20.00

LUCK Letters $20.00

Small Shamrock $15.00

Standing Shamrocks Large: $8.00 Small $6.00