Tuesday, September 21, 2010

U and Y Football Door Hangers!

Check out these Super Cute U and Y Football Door Hangers! They are only $20.00! I am selling them like wildfire! Which color do your veins bleed? ha! ha! You don't want to not have one of these in your home!! They would look great on your door or in a kids room or sports room! :)


Green Eyed Girl said...

They turned out super cute! Our veins bleed "Aggie Blue" however, when I was working on ours Josh wanted the laces instead of the U I think he thought I would try and put a great big Dallas Cowboy star in the middle... I might still add a few to the ends... lol... Vic

Nick & Kerrie Andrews & Family said...

I was an Aggie myself! :) And a BIG STAR would be Awesome! ha! ha! I LOVE Dallas!! Even though my boys are donkey fans! :)

Green Eyed Girl said...

Hello blog friend... I hope you don't mind but I linked this post of yours on my blog...I'm so excited that you are a Cowboy fan too... and didn't we look great today! Have an awesome week! Vicki