Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July Stuff

Okay, so here are some of my fun 4th of July stuff!! Some of it is already on here.. but I have a new Uncle Sam that I drew up! He is one of my Favorites!!
Uncle Sam $35.00
Isn't he SO CUTE! I have only made 3 other of these.. and I drew him up myself.. so not too many people have him on their door! So he's one of a kind!! ha! ha! I LOVE HIM!!This is my Porch! I LOVE It! With Mr. Uncle Sam and my wood flag... I love Americana Stuff! This time of year makes me Happy! ha! ha! I love the feel that Patriotism brings!! God Bless the USA!! :)

Vintage 4th of July Flag $20.00
Fun Vintage 4th of July Star would look great on your door! $20.00Vintage USA words to put on your table or a shelf!! I LOVE These too! $20.00

We've had such a fun summer so far!! Lots of Swimming, baseball and fun Family things! I just love Summer! We go to Plain City Days every 4th of July... seeing how that's where I grew up!!! I was going to do a craft booth out there this year and just hadn't had the time to get all my stuff together and more stuff painted... anyway.. I was out there.. minding my own business... taking the kids around and I saw a craft booth... so of course I head that way to look at all the fun things... I about died!!! Everything in that booth was my stuff... but two items! I was cracking up! Some of it was stuff I even drew up!! So I guess it's a really good thing I didn't do a booth!! It would have been EXACTLY the same as the ladies who had the other one!! I know we as crafter's always get ideas from each other.. we usually try and change it up a little bit... but to have all but TWO items in there.. exactly the same that are on this blog and in my store... I was cracking up! Oh well! I was just really glad that I didn't so the booth! How crazy would that have been? Two craft booths... with EXACTLY the same items in them? ha! ha!


Lyndsey said...

That Uncle Sam is so cute!! Cutest I have ever seen!!!

Green Eyed Girl said...

I agree with Lyndsey on all of your things... I love Uncle Sam... Vicki