Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some New, Fun Thanksgiving Things!

Here are some fun new and old items for Thanksgiving! I just LOVE this time of year! There are so many fun things!! I have some more I'm in the process of drawing up and making... they'll be coming soon too! :)
Mr. Rambo Turkey! I LOVE him! He is so stinking cute!
Here is a closer look! Mr. Rambo is $35.00
Here is Mr. Rambo standing up! Super Cute too! He has more feathers and legs to stand on! :) $45.00This cute little turkey also is super cute hanging on your door! $25.00
Give Thanks is always fun and also a great reminder to tell those we love Thank You and also to be grateful for all that we have! :) $32.00
Harvest Block Letters $32.00

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cute Little Witch and a Few Fun Things!

Here is a Fun, Cute Little Witch a friend of mine showed me that she wanted me to make her! So this isn't one of mine, or the wood stores patterns. I'm not sure who's it is to give credit to! I changed it up a little bit, but she is so stinking cute! I love her! She is $40.00
Here is a fun new thing this year! BOO with eye balls! ha! ha! I Loved it! So I had to make some! Boo Door Hanger with the eyes is $18.00
Mr. Scarecrow is one of my oldies but goodies! I just love this little guy! He's also $18.00