Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cute Little Witch and a Few Fun Things!

Here is a Fun, Cute Little Witch a friend of mine showed me that she wanted me to make her! So this isn't one of mine, or the wood stores patterns. I'm not sure who's it is to give credit to! I changed it up a little bit, but she is so stinking cute! I love her! She is $40.00
Here is a fun new thing this year! BOO with eye balls! ha! ha! I Loved it! So I had to make some! Boo Door Hanger with the eyes is $18.00
Mr. Scarecrow is one of my oldies but goodies! I just love this little guy! He's also $18.00


Green Eyed Girl said...

Great job... on all of them - the witch is adorable!

Lyndsey said...

Hey we saw some of your stuff at The scraps of simplicity boutique!! My mother in law bought one of those witches.. I almost bought the turkey.. now that I know it was yours I totally wish I had!!!