Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Great Ideas for Christmas

Mr. Toy Soldier $16.00Small Rustic Star Looks Great on a Shelf or Can Hang on Wall!
Size of Star: Small $10.00
Cute Rustic Snow Man $15.00
Large Square Magnet Board with 3 Magnets. $35.00
Can also make other magnet boards to fit the colors of your home!
Full View of Magent Board
Let it Snow Snowman! $12.00 Vinyl Glass Brick $15.00
Vinyl Glass Brick $15.00
Big Rustic Star can Hang On Your Wall or On Your Door!
Size of Star: Large Star $20.00
Another Look of Full Body of Star
Big Rustic Star Can Hang on Your Wall or Your Door!
Size of Star: Large Star $20.00
Full Body Look at Star
Cute Neighbor or Co-Worker Gift! Cute Christmas Tree.
Can also put a cute saying with it and wrap up! $6.00
Full View of Tree
Saying: The Chill of Winter is Warmed by Friendship! Warmest Holiday Greetings!
Great Neighbor or Co-Worker Gift! $5.00
Saying: Christmas Time is Coming, Our Favorite Time of Year. We Love to Think About Our Friends and Bring Them Christmas Cheer! Sweetest Holiday Wishes to You!
Great Neighbor or Co-Worker Gift! $5.00
Saying: It's Chili Out! Just wanted to warm you up this Holiday Season! BRRRYYY Christmas!
Great Neighbor Gift! $5.00
Several Magnets to fit every style! From Holiday, Outdoor to Boy and Girl ones!
Several to choose from! Great Neighbor or Co-Worker gift.. or even stocking Stuffer!
Fun for Everyones fridge or school locker!! $2.00
Check Post Below For More Fun Ideas!

Great Christmas Gift or Decorations for Your Home

Cute Mr. Rambo Turkey $35.00
Mr. Snowman $20.00
Cute Rustic Snowmen $15.00
One of my Favorite! Mr. Moose $35.00
Several Vinyl Boards ranging from $15.00 to $30.00
I can also do other vinyl orders. I have a book with Several sayings or I can customize it to your liking. There are several fonts and colors to choose from. Stick the vinyl sayings right to your wall or I can make a board to put them on and hang on your wall. I also put them on Tiles, Wood Block, Glass Blocks or Picture Frames. There are so many fun things you can do with Vinyl. It brings character to your rooms and really makes a House a Home!
Custom Made Photo Frames to match any Room
5x7 $6.00 8x10 $8.00
Mr. Scarecrow $12.00 Homemade Christmas Stalkings
$8.00 Each or 3 for $20.00
Tutu's of all colors $12.00
Ginger Bread Men $10.00