Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Finally Here... New Summer Stuff!!

Here are some fun Summer items just waiting for you to take them home! ha! ha! This bird has been such a huge hit, that I thought I'd keep it going!! LOVE IT!! I can do any color you'd like... just let me know what is your favorite! They are $20.00.
These Summer Blocks are so fun! What a great addition to your home... Give your home that "Fun in the Sun" feel this summer! I can also do any colors you'd like. These blocks are $30.00
Here is an item you can leave up ALL year long! Keep the letters H M E and then change the center (Where the O would be) with one that fits the season or month! It's so adorable! I can also do the word "Welcome" which would also change where the O is. Here are what the changeable's are for each month!
January: Mitten
February: Heart
March: Leprechaun hat
April: Easter Bunny Head
May: Flower
June: Lady Bug
July: Uncle Sam Hat
August: Sun
September: Acorn
October: Witch Hat
November: Turkey
December: Present
There is also a cupcake that comes with the first four, for Birthday's.
Each set of 4 is $20.00. Each Letter is $3.50 each.
These are some fun little Summer Blocks that fit perfect on shelf or table! I can also do any color! These blocks are $10.00
Last name with the year your Family was established... usually your wedding year.. is a fun idea for your home! I can also do tiles, photo frames or blocks... or if you have another request.. I can also do that too! Each block with Letter is $4.00. Price may vary on size. This is a 3" size.. I can do smaller or larger!

Cute butterfly for inside or out! Also looks cute in a little girls room! I did another one Pink where the Yellow is at and changed up the colors a little and it was also darling! I can paint it to match what ever colors you need! This Butterfly is $23.00
Add a little character to your door or home! What a Cute Star for the Holiday or even to fit your Americana Home Decor! $20.00

Loving the USA!!! Fits Holiday or Americana Home Decor! Made to look vintage.. these blocks are a great addition for any time of the year! $25.00

4th of July Flag Door Hanger $20.00

Fun Funky Flowers for your Garden or Flower bed add SO Much! $15.00. Can also make any color.
Fun Lady Bug Door Hanger. I also have this in my Daughters room. It goes with her Garden theme. I am also making a pink one.... One: because she's 3 and wants one... and 2: Because it would match and look VERY Cute!! They are $23.00
Watermelons always give the Summer Feel! Looks great on your door. It's bright and POPS out for all to see! $23.00

I also have a Super Cute "Bumble Bee" door hanger I will be posting soon!!!!


Lyndsey said...

I saw some of these in from our home to yours.. I wish so bad I could figure out how to cut letters!! You do such a stinkin good job!!!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Oh my goodness! I want ALL of those! Absolutely darling!!!!