Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some New, Fun Thanksgiving Things!

Here are some fun new and old items for Thanksgiving! I just LOVE this time of year! There are so many fun things!! I have some more I'm in the process of drawing up and making... they'll be coming soon too! :)
Mr. Rambo Turkey! I LOVE him! He is so stinking cute!
Here is a closer look! Mr. Rambo is $35.00
Here is Mr. Rambo standing up! Super Cute too! He has more feathers and legs to stand on! :) $45.00This cute little turkey also is super cute hanging on your door! $25.00
Give Thanks is always fun and also a great reminder to tell those we love Thank You and also to be grateful for all that we have! :) $32.00
Harvest Block Letters $32.00


Lyndsey said...

These are adorable!!!

Tausha said...

Ok-I am loving the rambo one!! Too cute! I alrady own the other one-but...really can one have enough feathered freinds?
You would not believe how many qyestions I got from people asking me where I got my owl. He is pretty flippin darling. If you do decide to make one-please let me know-I will share the info. I know that there are more than 10 you would sell asap!!

Nick & Kerrie Andrews & Family said...

I'll email ya! :) Thanks for sharing!!