Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WOOD Creations and Blog Update!

Okay Friends!

I know it has been a Very Long time since I’ve last posted anything! I’m Grateful many of you still have me on your Blog List! I have had a Very Crazy and Exciting Year! I have had the privilege of being a Designer at WOOD Creations! It is such a fun job! If you haven’t been into the store yet… YOU HAVE TO GO!!! It’s So Fun! You will be totally Addicted to ALL the Fun Stuff we have in there!! You can also pick up EVERYTHING you need to finish the project! We have paper, paint, glitter, chalk, wire, mod podge, brushes… and SO MUCH MORE!
I have decided to start posting on my blog again, not only to show new crafts I have that are at the store.. but to also answer lots of your questions and give tips and tricks. I have been getting lots of emails and texts on my secrets to using Mod Podge and not having my paper bubble, to using Chalk and Glitter. I have a tab on WOOD Creations Blog www.woodcreationsutah.blogspot.com under Craft Tips as well that shows pictures as well as a step by step tutorial, but I can also give that here! I just wanted to highlight some of the new things in the store for Halloween! They are so fun and so cute! I’ll also be doing tutorials to show you how we’ve finished our projects and to show you just how easy it is to do!

Check out WOOD Creations Blog and also “Like” us on Facebook! We have Giveaways and Specials that you won’t want to miss!
We are working on Thanksgiving Stuff right now... which will be coming out in a couple weeks! YAY!! Then we are on to Christmas!

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