Friday, April 15, 2011

New Spring Stuff! :)

Here are a few more Spring & one Easter thing I've slacked posting! ha! ha! Better Late than never right? :0 I still have a few more projects that I'm working on that I need to take photos of and get uploaded! Here are some Some More SUPER cute new flowers!! I LOVE These flowers! The photos don't give them justice on how big they are! I need to take a picture of one on my door so you can see! These are my new favorite! Large Yellow Flower Door Hanger $25.00 Large Pink Flower Door Hanger $25.00 Large Purple Flower Door Hanger $25.00 Eggs Block Saying: $20.00
Fun Spring Flowers $15.00 Can also custom them to any color! I did a Bright Red one that also turned out super cute that I'll post.

Fun Tulips that look SO cute on your Shelf. $8.00. Again, I also did one in Red and lighter green... SO CUTE!

Tulip $8.00

Here is a fun Black bird. I had a lady custom order one and I LOVED it! So I've made some more.. and they've been a hit!

Birds are $20.00

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