Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Great Ideas for Christmas

Mr. Toy Soldier $16.00Small Rustic Star Looks Great on a Shelf or Can Hang on Wall!
Size of Star: Small $10.00
Cute Rustic Snow Man $15.00
Large Square Magnet Board with 3 Magnets. $35.00
Can also make other magnet boards to fit the colors of your home!
Full View of Magent Board
Let it Snow Snowman! $12.00 Vinyl Glass Brick $15.00
Vinyl Glass Brick $15.00
Big Rustic Star can Hang On Your Wall or On Your Door!
Size of Star: Large Star $20.00
Another Look of Full Body of Star
Big Rustic Star Can Hang on Your Wall or Your Door!
Size of Star: Large Star $20.00
Full Body Look at Star
Cute Neighbor or Co-Worker Gift! Cute Christmas Tree.
Can also put a cute saying with it and wrap up! $6.00
Full View of Tree
Saying: The Chill of Winter is Warmed by Friendship! Warmest Holiday Greetings!
Great Neighbor or Co-Worker Gift! $5.00
Saying: Christmas Time is Coming, Our Favorite Time of Year. We Love to Think About Our Friends and Bring Them Christmas Cheer! Sweetest Holiday Wishes to You!
Great Neighbor or Co-Worker Gift! $5.00
Saying: It's Chili Out! Just wanted to warm you up this Holiday Season! BRRRYYY Christmas!
Great Neighbor Gift! $5.00
Several Magnets to fit every style! From Holiday, Outdoor to Boy and Girl ones!
Several to choose from! Great Neighbor or Co-Worker gift.. or even stocking Stuffer!
Fun for Everyones fridge or school locker!! $2.00
Check Post Below For More Fun Ideas!

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